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attempted Levi dream selfy by twins6292
attempted Levi dream selfy
Yea I attempted to put together a cute little captain Levi but i hate that they don't have the attack on titan outfits.  They have the Black Butler hair, outfits, eyes, ect but no attack on titan.  come one dream selfy get with the program!  look how popular the show is and you don't have their outfits!?!  anyway, i did this at
it was a lot tougher than i though it'd be but still with what they have i'm ok with the outcome.  Levi looks cute in this outfit anyway XD
Dream Selfy Adopts - OPEN by twins6292
Dream Selfy Adopts - OPEN
OK so I just played around a little with Dream Selfy @ but because I don't want all these little guys to just sit around, they're open for adopt
So these are free adopts. Just fill this out and follow the rules below.  


- you may use these characters for drawings, stories, ect
- please credit me for the design when used
- first come first serve
- do not use unless I say that the character is yours
- If you decide you don't want the character, give it back or to some one else and let me know and them know so the character can still be credited
- DO NOT SELL THESE CHARACTERS!!!  you got them for free and did nothing to earn any points or cash from them
- only one per person so everyone has the chance to get one
- I'd at least like to see something about the character at least once cuz the're up for adopt so they don't just sit around in the computer
- also feel free to link me ^^
- enjoy!

Row 1:
#1: Takashi Amaya :iconphantom-fan6735:
#2: Hidan :iconshikigami-angel:
#5: Kodama :icondark-magi976:

Row 2:
#3: Samuel (Sam) :iconmonkey6292:
#4: Gino :iconsnowtyke:
#5: Reina :iconjust-call-me-minty:

Row 3:
#3: (Fin Marks) Otter :iconaukoswolf:
#4: Taiki :iconnina-adopts:

Row 4:
#1: Elliott :iconveryrandombutterfly:
#5: Angela :iconkrystalmedz926:

After I let you know that the character is yours, I will link you a solo pic of just that character if you'd like, just let me know
Raijah Dream Selfy by twins6292
Raijah Dream Selfy
Here's my character Raijah who is based off of a bjd that I will hopefully be getting soon... and that I should've already gotten by now if it weren't for the idiots who obviously can't send the correct order and causes me to go through a bunch of trouble just to be able to get my correct doll.  anyway, long story short, things are straightened out now and I can't wait to get my prince X3
This was put together in Dream Selfy at
Watch out Ayres!  He's carrying around that lamp again rofl he might try to stuff you in it
Get ready for a rant guys cuz I am super ticked off about this. Usually I don't go off like this but last night really got my blood boiling.  It's hard to imagine such a great night out to the movies with my sister and friend could turn out like it did.  Just how stupid and selfish people can be has never set me of on this before but when it causes someone I love to get hurt I cant help but shake from anger.

If you're wondering where I'm going with this, my sister :iconmonkey6292: got mugged right in front of her appointment!!! She had just dropped me off at home before going to her place.  I couldn't figure out why I was having such a bad feeling so I tried calling and wasn't getting an answer. Mom then comes in my room and says she's been jumped.

Apparently a couple of guys approached her asking where a certain appointment was and when she told them it was somewhere in the back they jumped her.  Her draw string bag was wrapped around her arm and when they tried to take it she was thrown to the ground.  Because the bag being caught on her arm made it appear as if she hust wasn't letting it go, they hit her in the back and her arm. When they first came at her she screamed for her husband who was in the apparent but the guys were long gone with her bag by the time he came out with one of his samurai swords and her neighbor with a gun.

I am so glad they didn't pull a gun or knife out on her and she only got off with a few scrapped up knees and a pretty bad rope burn on her arm from her draw string bag. Still the fact someone would even think of laying a hand on my sister makes my blood boil so bad I cant help but shake from anger.

Well sorry about all this ranting and fussing but this is just something I had to get off my chest
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United States
I go to one of the many Art Institutes. I have spent my whole life working with many type of art, and am now working to some day apply them as a career. I am working to major in animation.
Sisters: :iconmonkey6292: (by blood) :iconleos1991: (like a sister)
cousin: :iconveryrandombutterfly:
college friends: :icondoragonryu:made my icon, :iconbrokenmoonwing:, :iconrobarnold:, :icongigglewhatsit: :iconherostorm88:
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