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Random Sketch Dta Open by twins6292
Random Sketch Dta Open
i was just sketching around on the computer so i thought i'd go ahead and open these up for DTA
i really wanted to keep #6 but i have have enough characters for my story right now and i don't think it's fair to always take things for myself when i put it on the page lol

- don't use unless you're the one that adopted
- credit
- once you ask to DTA one, i will put it on hold
- after about 24 hours, i will ask you if you're still gonna DTA
- if you decide you don't want it, let me know so i can open it for someone else
- you may give as gifts, but do not sell them
- if you give them as a gift to someone, make sure they know the rules and also credit
- if there's one you want, please look to see if it's marked as on hold or closed and don't ask to dta if it's marked as so
- if it's on hold, you can ask to be notified jic it opens back up and i will let you know if it's closed
- first come first serve
- enjoy

1) closed…
2) closed
3) open
4) open
5) open
6) hold
7) hold
Jax Question 9 by twins6292
Jax Question 9
Jax met George T when he was younger and Burle was introduced to him just a few years before because they're parents lived separately for a few years.  that's all i'm saying about that situation though cuz it's gonna be in the comic i'm working on.  but even now that they're grown, they're all still great friends.
Geroge T belongs to my college friend :iconbrokenmoonwing: 
she helped me with actually creating Jax and naming him
and Burle was created by us for my sister :iconmonkey6292: but my sis named him

Jax: Though I've known these two the longest and been around them the most, i do have a few other friends.
Me: you mean like Sango?
Jax: I'm not giving you any names!

if you'd like to ask Jax a question, type it here:…
Jax Question 8 by twins6292
Jax Question 8
In his doll form, he don't have blood, so any cut would just need to be sewn up.  it makes a patch job much easier than being wrapped in bandages and trying to stop the bleeding i guess XD

Jax: This is gonna be harder than i thought with no thumbs in this form
Me: you can't sew either
Jax: no one asked you

if you'd like to ask Jax a question, type your question here…
ok, i'm so excited right now!  After months of being on an art block and not knowing where the stylist to my tablet was, i finally found it!!! I'll now be able to draw on my tablet and finish up some stuff that i had going!  This is so awesome!  i've been slowly coming out of my block, but i hope this will help me completely get rid of it now X3
you might get to see some pretty cool stuff soon.  i'm almost done with my foxy bjd and will be making more bjd characters.  i've been on a FNAF and BJD craze lately cuz i'm so excited about my bjd that i'll be getting.
you'll get to see a lot of stuff with him when i get some cool pics of clothes, a bed, and his pets that i plan on making when i get him.  I'll also have some new fan art up, a few comic pages that have been sitting in my computer forever just needing some finishing touches like shading done, and could be opening commissions for hand made BJDs.  I've also just gotten into Gravity Falls XD.
anyway, now that i have my stylist, i might not be so dead on here... depending on how busy i get with work and all... and if i can get over these migraines, stupid allergies.
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United States
I go to one of the many Art Institutes. I have spent my whole life working with many type of art, and am now working to some day apply them as a career. I am working to major in animation.
Sisters: :iconmonkey6292: (by blood) :iconleos1991: (like a sister)
cousin: :iconveryrandombutterfly:
college friends: :icondoragonryu:made my icon, :iconbrokenmoonwing:, :iconrobarnold:, :icongigglewhatsit: :iconherostorm88:
profile pic made for me by :iconacidiclullaby:

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dark-magi976 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student General Artist
twins6292 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
late reply XD
looks awesome.  i like the chair sitting on the dresser like that.  he looks like he's just chilling out
nice framework too
dark-magi976 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Thanks, i know its a roughwork but its better than nothing
twins6292 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
rough don't mean bad though.  it gives personal character to things that are done by hand.  it makes everything that much cooler
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dark-magi976 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student General Artist
and here ya go :D 
20150415 185012 by dark-magi976

Ayres's new bed by dark-magi976

it's not the best but i like it and apparently so does he :D 
twins6292 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
looks softer than the futon we have XD ours has a metal frame to hold it up like a couch though so it's not just sitting on the floor.  he looks comfy
and i like the color of that sheet XD nice color of purple rofl
dark-magi976 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student General Artist
lolz nice haha, im really glad he likes it and seems happy now :dance: im very excited i loved the material 

XD thanks lolz 
twins6292 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015
that material looks soft.  i want to use it for a pillow XDXDXD
lol you're welcome ^^
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DoragonRyu Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Student Filmographer
twins6292 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
AWESOME! Thanks :hug:
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