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Build Your Own Adopt - open by twins6292
Build Your Own Adopt - open
while i'm trying to get everything together right now, I wanted to put something up, but I don't have the time to make a bunch of these guys, so i'll just let y'all make your own.

This species is called a batit and is a mix between a bat and rabbit.

This will be an adopt for you to build your own as long as you follow the bio of this species below.  When you're done making one, send me a link and the points.

price: 20 :points: each
The one in the example pic is mine though, so don't touch him

the styles above are just some examples, but there are many fur types and lengths for these guys, so if you want to use a different hair style or something than you see, go right ahead as long as you follow the rules and bio

The batit is a very odd creature.  they have super great hearing and speed.  They are usually pretty laid back unless they feel they're in danger.  When it comes to fight or flight, you better hope they don't choose to fight.  not only are they fast, but they're tough and their claws sharp.  As they get older, many find a joy in accessorizing, including ear piercings.   They all have their different looks from their features to their marks and colors.  They can have stripes, spots, or any other kind of mark.  These marks are usually what they use to tell each other apart from a distance.  If an unwanted or unknown batit is around, they might act aggressive if there's a baby around.  The female batit will usually lay one egg, rarely two.  after hatching, the baby has no sight or hearing, having to completely rely on its parents.  after a week, the baby can hear, and a month till it can see.  Most batits don't have the same parents because they do not usually mate for life with the same batit.  They often live in holes they dug or caves.  These little guys are great buddies and loyal companions to have around.

this is an original species and you need to credit me

Batits that have been made/adopted:
<da:thumb id="489311759">
Animated foal adopts - Open
here are the first bath of animated foal adopts
each one is 30 :points:
do not use unless you are the one who adopts
credit me when used
I will send you the link to your animated foal when you adopt

foal 1 - unicorn - open
foal 2 - Pegasus - open
foal 3 - earth pony - open
foal 4 - alicorn - closed
Red by twins6292
This is an OC that belongs to :iconSHYCheryMonsteR:
I really loved this character's outfit
As I worked on drawing her, I kept feeling more like a Little Red Ridding Hood theme and had to draw a wolf in there somehow.  That's when I got the idea to use her shadow after looking at the ears on her hood.
I'm really happy with how this piece came out and how the shadows look
OK yall,there are a few contests going on

first of all, :iconaxiabetty: is holding a contest to name a species
New Species ADOPTABLE!! [CONTEST OPEN] by axiabetty
contest link here…
prizes include points and the species

next contest is a 2 part contest i'm holding with :iconos-social:
this contest is to give everyone the chance to do what they like rather it's drawing or writing.  you can enter one or both

part 1: write a Bio for a character that has already been drawn out
Contest ref sheet 1 by twins6292
part 2: draw a character based off the Bio that is already there
Contest ref sheet 2 by twins6292
contest link here…
prizes include points (more to be added later)
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I go to one of the many Art Institutes. I have spent my whole life working with many type of art, and am now working to some day apply them as a career. I am working to major in animation.
Sisters: :iconmonkey6292: (by blood) :iconleos1991: (like a sister)
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twins6292 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
It's ok.  i didn't think you were being harsh, just letting me know the truth.  i'd rather someone tell me when i'm wrong than for me to keep thinking something is right when it's not.
my facts came from what i used to hear on tv in documentaries and what i was told.  i looked it up and it used to actually be believed to be true, so my information was just outdated.
i actually enjoy learning new things, so thanks for correcting me :)

at least i didn't say that salamanders' skin was so cool it could put out a flame and that they could even swallow the flames XDXDXD that used to be a believed fact many many many years ago rolf
sound familiar doesn't it Natsu - eating fire rofl
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yo what's up.  sorry I haven't been contacting anyone this summer.  things have been kind of crazy
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