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Fantasy World Pages 1-4 by twins6292
Fantasy World Pages 1-4
Before you start asking or commenting, no i did not draw this.
I did however put together the characters and dialog in the game and put it all together in one long strip so i wouldn't have to post 4 different pics
this is from some little dress up and manga creator games that i've gotten so addicted to
here's the link
Rinmaru Games:…
it's a lot of fun and there's a lot of things you can put together.  I've ended up with some new OCs thanks to playing with these games

I'll probably fix it later.  when i pulled it up, the pic was so small and i couldn't read what's in the bubbles.  I might get on my other computer and work on it another time with a different format
but jic you can't read it
hunter: you're pretty cute.  wanna hang out some time?
sorceress: Sorry... You're cool and all...
Fauna with child: Hold on tight or your mom will scold me again
Sorceress: but i'm not exactly single.  better luck next time, sugar.
bartender: quit using my family in my bar to avoid dates, silly girl.
sorceress: you guys, always ganging up on me. What do you say "mr. music man"?
musician: My sister only says what she means, but you know she's right.
turkey feathers game by twins6292
turkey feathers game
I have been working with a kindergarten class and came up with this game for them to play and learn at the same time.
First u devide everyone in half
One person at a time from each team gets to roll the dice
Even gets a math problem and odd gets spelling
Get the answers right and u can put a feather on ur team's side of the turkey
Game can last as long as u want
Winner is the team with the most turkey feathers

The kids really enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun competing agains their friends
Bomber ref page by twins6292
Bomber ref page
here's a ref sheet of Bomber, a pony that belongs to :iconunicorn9098:
Gender: female
Species: unicorn
Age: 30
Bio that I know about her: Despite her being a kind pony, she is often times seen as a tough pony with an attitude due to her experience in the war.  At the age of 16, she joined the army when a malfunctioned missile went off.  She was rushed to first aide where the half of her face that had been blown off was built. She now trains recruits for the Equestrian War.
Skull wing ref page by twins6292
Skull wing ref page
It's been a while, so here's my pony OC, SkullWing in a bit of a ref sheet with a bit of info about her.
Your Protector Request by twins6292
Your Protector Request
This is a requested pic for :icontheegyptianharpie: who requested this pic a little while back ago for her guy
the pic is of her and him in anime form and based off of a pic from a (I believe) Sword Art Online.  Sorry, I no longer have the link.
but the style is a bit different from the original pic and their choice of outfits and what not.
I just got a bill in from my school and reality seems to hit hard and really sink in.  I'm already working 2 jobs, but need a little more help, so I'm thinking of selling some dolls.

If you'd like a custom doll feel free to let me know.
and please don't argue about prices.  i put a lot of work into these and i've seen hand made custom dolls sold way higher than this.
Some of these designs are about 2 years old, so don't worry if one looks more ragged than the others lol

Those who I'm already making dolls for, no worries, I'll get them to you soon.
I wanted to post something like this when I finished y'alls, but I now have the time and I really need the money to pay my bills.  thanks

Dolls about a foot tall, such as this one below will be $30
Dren/Kisshu Doll by twins6292
I also have a cutout about half the size for $15

A MLP doll, custom or OC $25
derpy doll by twins6292
I can do them laying down like this or standing depending what you want

For the mini dolls, the price ranges form $7-$15 depending on the size and detail
Rhythm Star plush by twins6292
Apple Bloom mini plush by twins6292
Tiny baby dragon plush by twins6292
Feral Suzuki Doll by twins6292
Mini chibi Grell doll by twins6292
Little Monkey Dolls by twins6292

And anything bigger than the foot tall doll will vary depeinding on size
Birthday Gift For A Friend by twins6292

Dolls can even have a wire frame.  Depending on the size of the doll, price will vary
Custom Dolls Ordered by twins6292

If you really want a doll please comment and let me know.  I'd really appreciate it.
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United States
I go to one of the many Art Institutes. I have spent my whole life working with many type of art, and am now working to some day apply them as a career. I am working to major in animation.
Sisters: :iconmonkey6292: (by blood) :iconleos1991: (like a sister)
cousin: :iconveryrandombutterfly:
college friends: :icondoragonryu:made my icon, :iconbrokenmoonwing:, :iconrobarnold:, :icongigglewhatsit: :iconherostorm88:
profile pic made for me by :iconacidiclullaby:

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DJDelt4 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
uhm i am interested about in your art and everything. i am willing to pay for a commission if i have enough points and can you get to me asap. thx(i even looked for the commissions in you journal all the way to october 2012 and found nothing about them there) also love your art.
twins6292 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
If it's for a regular drawing, that's probably why.  I enjoy doing art for people, so I usually just take requests for a pic.  I take points for adopts, animated icons, and things like that.  thanks a lot btw ^^
DJDelt4 Featured By Owner Edited 18 hours ago  New member
np think you can do one of my pony found  if you look this way <--- a bit
also hoof bump
twins6292 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
yea, i can do one of your oc.  what would you like
and an animated icon no problem.  would you like it facing to the left or right for the hoof bump?
(2 Replies)
unicorn9098 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
;A; C-Could I request another ref sheet?
IneedtomakeyousomethinginreturnbecauseIaskofyouWAYtomanyrefsheets So uh could it be of… this gal? Thanks!
twins6292 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
yea, no problem.  after tomorrow, I'll have a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, so I'll have plenty of time to work on it ^^
and you don't have to do anything in return.  I do requests cuz I like to and everyone always has such great characters.  I really like the characters I've done for you.  They're all so cool.
unicorn9098 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Omigosh... Thank you so much, your truly one of the nicest deviants I have met.
twins6292 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks, I appreciate that :hug: you're always so nice too
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HoneyBadgerHeart Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Writer
Oh my gosh! I toatally forgot to pay you, how much do i owe you?
twins6292 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
it don't matter.
though it says 30 :points: each in my journal, you can just pay whatever.  I don't do that with everyone, but I will with this for you.  even half off if you want
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